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Student Experience Magical Moment in Montreal

Student Excursion to the Science Center to View the Eclipse On April 8, 2024, a spectacle of cosmic proportions unfolded in the skies above Montreal. A total solar eclipse, a rare celestial event, turned the day into twilight and cast a mesmerizing spell on the city dwellers.  Our cohort of exchange students from Panama were […]

Culture Exchange Students Visit Sugar Shack

In January 2024, Cestar Collège, Campus LaSalle, welcomed a group of 30 students from Panama, as part of a linguistic and cultural exchange program.   These students, mostly aged 19 or 20, come from all over Panama and belong to a variety of backgrounds.  As a part of the exchange program, these students will learn both […]

Looking Back On 2023

Wow!  What a year! Cestar College, Campus LaSalle began operations in early 2023.  It has been a year full of excitement and growth.   Cestar College originates from Ontario, Canada but expanded into the neighbouring province of Quebec, where it acquired 4 campuses; Campus Sherbrooke, Campus LaSalle, Campus Longueuil and Syn Studio.   What makes Cestar College, […]

Elevate Your Education: Choose Cestar Collège, Campus LaSalle as Your Private College Destination over Public Education

As you stand on the brink of your higher education voyage, the question looms: which path will you take? CEGEP (Collège d’enseignement général et professionnel) or a Private College? The choice between attending a public CEGEP College or a private college is no small matter. Allow us to spotlight why Cestar Collège, Campus LaSalle, an […]

Act 14 and How It Affects You

You might have heard about Quebec’s new language law and how it might affect your learning experience.  We’ve put together this article to give you all of the important information you need to know and how Cestar College, Campus LaSalle will be able to help. What is Act 14? French is the predominant language of […]