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Student Experience Magical Moment in Montreal

Student Excursion to the Science Center to View the Eclipse

On April 8, 2024, a spectacle of cosmic proportions unfolded in the skies above Montreal. A total solar eclipse, a rare celestial event, turned the day into twilight and cast a mesmerizing spell on the city dwellers. 

Our cohort of exchange students from Panama were lucky enough to experience this exceptional event at the Montreal Science Center, located at the Old Port in Montreal, a landmark known for its magical blend of education and entertainment.

Mme Audrey and the class ready to view the eclipse

Cestar Collège, Campus LaSalle is hosting an amazing group of Panamanian students for 6 months while they learn English and French. In addition, the students are also provided with adequate opportunities in the form of field trips and events to learn and experience the province of Quebec and its rich cultural heritage. 

In case you missed reading our blog, our students already got to visit a Cabanes à sucre and enjoyed a great Quebecer meal last month. Since an event as special as a total solar eclipse was taking place, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make their stay even more memorable.The experience was more than just watching a celestial event.

The teachers, who accompanied the students, helped them learn the science behind the eclipse in an engaging and easy to comprehend manner in both French and English. We were blessed with perfect weather; clear skies and a comfortable temperature. As the moon gradually obscured the sun, the excitement within the students reached a crescendo. When the eclipse reached totality, a sense of awe descended upon them. While most onlookers were speechless by the mesmerizing cosmic event, our excited students could be heard chanting “Olé!”  Though the total eclipse only lasted for a few minutes, it is a moment that they will never forget. 

We know a total solar eclipse is going to be hard to top but the Panamanian students will have a few more adventures before they return home.

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