Cestar Group Ontario launches program in Quebec. 


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Cestar Collège is a private career college established in 2008. Since its inception, Cestar college has been dedicated to helping students gain high quality education and establish a successful career in their field of choice.

We offer a variety of in demand ministry accredited courses across different domains. Our programs are designed keeping the emerging trends and industry requirements in mind and are continuously updated to ensure that the students learn the most latest and relevant industry pertinent information and are job ready upon graduation.

Whether you are looking to update your skills, better employment opportunities, a change of career or getting back into the workforce after an absence, we have the right training and guidance to help you succeed and thrive!


High Quality Certified Instructors

The instructors at Cestar College are highly qualified and professionally certified, with years of teaching and industry experience under their belts. During the course of the program, these qualified instructors will work closely with the students, imparting their abundant knowledge and guiding them through their journey of achieving success and excellence

Hands on and Practical Training

At Cestar College, we offer hands-on and practical training across all our programs. The course curriculum and the teaching methods ensure that the students learn the right thing, the right way and for the right amount of time. The lectures, assignments and the in class exercises are all designed to help students thoroughly understand the workings of the industry they are going into, giving them a definite edge over their competitors!

Career Management and Job Placement Assistance

Our Career Management and Job Placement assistance teams are highly experienced and well aware of industry happenings and emerging opportunities. We have a wide network of connections with top decision makers in well established and reputed organizations across a variety of industries. These professionals will be available for you throughout the course of your program and beyond to ensure that you are able to secure the job you aspire in the domain of your choice.

City of Montreal

The city of Montreal is a vibrant, affordable and multicultural city generating a plethora of employment opportunities every year. It is consistently ranked among the top cities for students in the world and is home to some of Canada’s well established as well as emerging companies across a variety of industries such as Bombardier, Pratt and Whitney, Ubisoft, and more!


Business Administration
Information Technology
Graphic and Multimedia Design
Childhood Education
Concept Art and Illustration


Feel free to send us an email at info@cestar.ca or give us a call at 1-877-385-8588