Registration is now open for September 2024 and Winter 2025.  Consult our programs authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education. We also offer institutional certificate courses.

Looking Back On 2023

Wow!  What a year!

Cestar College, Campus LaSalle began operations in early 2023.  It has been a year full of excitement and growth.  

Cestar College originates from Ontario, Canada but expanded into the neighbouring province of Quebec, where it acquired 4 campuses; Campus Sherbrooke, Campus LaSalle, Campus Longueuil and Syn Studio.  

What makes Cestar College, Campus LaSalle stand out?

Our campus focuses on programs and classes related to business, technology and childcare.  At Cestar College, Campus LaSalle you’ll learn the latest techniques used in a variety of domains.  Our team of administrators, teachers and staff are dedicated to your successful future.  Not only will you receive training in your career path but we will use our network of industry contacts to help you find a job after graduation.

While our Programs offer full two years of training, our 10-week institutional certificate courses give you the chance to dip your toe into a new field before committing to it as a career or round out your expertise with additional knowledge.

We are currently accepting students for January, March and May 2024!  Click here to learn more about our learning options.


If you are reading this, then you already know about our blog!  Not only is it a great place to stay in the loop about what is happening at our school but we will be publishing more content this year aimed at providing information related to the career paths we offer.

Catch Us In Person

Last year we hosted two open house events and we also had a table at Le Salon de Carrière at Palais des Congres.  These events are a great way to learn more about the school and see just how passionate our staff are.  In the case of the open house, it’ll also give you the chance to explore our facilities and see where your future begins.

Thank You

We are excited and overwhelmed with the large number of applications we have received for our courses at Cestar College, Campus LaSalle in our first year of operation. This is a testament to the high quality education provided by the Cestar Educational Group.  We have multiple term start dates to accommodate as many students as possible and ensure that you receive world class education.  

Thank you for choosing Cestar College, Campus LaSalle as your starting point for a successful future.


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