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I.T. Specialist Network Security

Method of Instruction: Onsite or Online

Language: English or French

Course Duration: 6 weeks or 25 hours Self paced with access to the Instructor

Establishment: Cestar Collège, Campus Sherbrooke

Course Description

The Network Security Certification course is based on learning the different techniques, tools and technologies to protect the network from unauthorized access. Upon completion of this course, students can expect to have knowledge of identifying the different types of attacks, configuring the user authentication, identifying the protocols, implementing email protection, and managing browser security. Students will also learn to configure anti-malware and antivirus software.

The goal of this course is to provide students with the tools and techniques needed to prepare for the Network Security certification—including text explanations, video demos, lab activities, self-assessment questions, and a practice exam—to increase their chances of passing the exam on the first try.

Designed for high school students or adults looking to gain expertise in designing and implementing safe network infrastructure which includes: monitoring system performance, managing network, deploying data backup and recovery, installing and configuring hardware and software related to the networking.

By becoming a Network Security Certified: Network Administrator, you will be able to manage a complete organization’s network by advising the network engineering team to manage and maintain the organization’s data safe and secure. You will also be able to pursue a career as a network architect.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Identify the core security policies and their types
  • Identify the different types of threats or attacks on the network
  • Authenticate the user and manage permissions
  • Manage email and browser security
  • Install anti-virus and investigating alerts

Course Schedule and Duration

SELF PACED can start anytime.


Methods of Learning

A combination of online and onsite training tailored according to your needs to help you get the education you need at your own convenience.

Course Prerequisites and Admission

Candidates for this exam are familiar with general networking concepts and technologies and understand how to manage and troubleshoot a network in a small-medium business environment. Candidates should have some hands-on experience with Windows and Linux operating systems, TCP/IP, name resolution processes, networking services, and network topologies and troubleshooting in wired and wireless environments. Candidates should have at least 150 hours of instruction or hands-on experience with networking.

To be successful on the test, the candidate is also expected to have the following prerequisite knowledge and skills:

  • 8th grade reading skills
  • Basic operating system skills
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Basic hardware/software skills
  • Digital literacy skills, including the ability to research, create content, and solve problems using technology

Required Materials

Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards


Tech Requirements for Attending Cestar Online Classes

Minimum Requirements

  • A strong uninterrupted broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE) connection with a minimum 600kbps bandwidth (up/down).
  • A Laptop/Desktop computer equipped with a single core processor (at least 1 GHZ processing speed) or a smartphone/tablet with equivalent processing capabilities
  • Good speakers/earphones to listen to the classes
  • Browser - IE7+, Safari 5+, Firefox, Chrome
  • Operating System - Windows XP, Mac OS 10.6, Linux distro based on 3.0 kernel, Android 5.0, iOS 10


Cestar Recommendations

  • A strong uninterrupted broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE) connection with a minimum 1.5Mbps bandwidth (up/down). You can also connect to the internet directly using your ethernet cable to improve your experience.
  • Laptop/Desktop computer equipped with a dual core processor with at least 2 GHZ processing speed and a 4 GB RAM
  • High Quality speakers/earphones to listen to the classes
  • Browser & Operating System - We recommend using the latest version of the browser and operating system for an optimal online classroom experience.

Course Outline

What you will learn?

  • Lesson 1: Defense in Depth
  • Lesson 2: Operating System Security
  • Lesson 3: Network Device Security
  • Lesson 4: Secure Computing


Nikola Stanojevic

After graduating from computer science in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nikola moved to Quebec, Canada to complete vocational studies for IT Expertise. He then took on a teacher assistant's role, and shortly after became a teacher himself. His skills revolve around computers in general, operating systems, system administration, network security and network architecture in addition to basic web development. On a more personal level, Nikola speaks 5 languages, he loves to travel a lot, enjoys producing music, and photography is one of his preferred hobbies.




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