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Business Administration

DVS 5731


Gain the essential skills required to perform essential accounting operations including payroll processing, data processing, accounts payable and more!

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Accounting and Management

Become proficient in performing accounting and management functions using IT tools in companies of all sizes and organizations across sectors

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Business Management – LaSalle Campus

Learn from the best and gain the necessary business management skills to work in retail or wholesale in a variety of roles or start your own business

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Business Management – Sherbrooke Campus

Learn from the best and gain the necessary business management skills to work in retail or wholesale in a variety of roles or start your own business

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DVS 5857 + AVS 5874

Medical Office Specialist

Gain an unique set of skills that allows you to explore two different faces of the business vocation - secretarial studies and medical secretary

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DEP 5857

Secretarial Studies

Learn the skills required to perform daily administrative tasks and support managers and professionals in an office setting

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ASP 5374

Secretarial Studies – Medical

Gain the skills required to perform general secretarial as well as management related tasks in a medical office setting

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Information Technology


Network Administration

Learn the tools, techniques and skills required to implement, administer and support network information systems across organizations of different sizes

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Office System Techniques

Become proficient in using computer tools to perform a variety of management support functions including website management

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Programmer Analyst and Application Development

Become proficient in a variety of programming languages and databases so you can create high end websites, applications and ecommerce stores.

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Web Designer

Gain the essential skills and competencies required to develop, maintain and publish efficient and high quality websites

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Graphic and Multimedia Design

AEC - NWE.37

Multimedia Integration Techniques

Learn a powerful set of multimedia integration techniques so you are well equipped to gain employment in a variety of niche multimedia industry occupations

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AEC - NWC.07

Project Management in Graphic Communication Techniques

Develop a deep knowledge of essential project management skills so you can effectively lead and complete any project on schedule and within set budgets.

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Childhood Education


Early Childhood Education Techniques

Gain extensive training in offering education and basic care to children between 0 and 12 years of age

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Concept Art & Illustration

Syn Studio Online Concept Art Program

Syn Studio Online Concept Art Program

Build a high quality portfolio online in 12 months!

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Online Art Classes

Online Art Classes

Affordable High Quality Art Classes with Top Industry Artists

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Syn Studio Concept Art Diploma Program

Learn Cutting Edge Techniques and Become Industry Ready in 18 Months!

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