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Office System Techniques

Degree Offered: AEC - LCE.3T

Method of Instruction: Onsite or Online

Language: English or French

Establishment: Cestar Collège, Campus Sherbrooke

Program Description Program Details Admission Requirements Course List After Graduation

Program Description

The program aims to make the person competent to:

Program Details

Completion of this program leads to an Attestation of collegial studies (AEC).

An AEC degree is a qualification issued in Quebec by cégeps and some private colleges upon successful completion of a credited and recognized program created specifically for an adult clientele to reflect current job-market realities.


Course Duration: 1200 Hours

Internship: 270 hours

2 Years | 6 Academic Semesters including Internship


Number of units: 45.66

Number of program competencies: 23

Admission Requirements

Canadian Students

A person who has received instruction considered sufficient by the college and meets any of the following conditions may be admitted to a program of studies leading to an Attestation of College Studies:

  • The person has interrupted his or her full-time studies or pursued full-time postsecondary studies for at least 2 consecutive terms or 1 school year;
  • The person is covered by an agreement entered into between the college and an employer or by a government program of studies;
  • The person has interrupted his or her full-time studies for one term and pursued full-time postsecondary studies for one term; or
  • The person holds a Secondary School Vocational Diploma.
  • The person has a 4th year CST: Mathematics; secondary 4 level Culture, society and technique (063414) or equivalent

A person who has a Secondary School Diploma and meets either of the following conditions may be admitted to a program of studies leading to an Attestation of College Studies:

  • The program of studies enables the person to pursue technical studies in a field for which there is no program of studies leading to a Diploma of College Studies; or
  • The program of studies is covered by an agreement on training entered into between the Minister and a department or body of the Gouvernement du Québec.

International Students

For International Students, the conditions for admissions are below:

  • Grade 12 or Equivalent
  • Fluency in English with Overall 6.0 bands overall with no band less than 5.5 bands in each module

Course List

Term 1

Operating systems and technical support (Windows)
Technical French I
Email and Web (Outlook)
English text production I

Term 2

Beginner/Intermediate Word Processor (Word)
Accounting I (Ensure the processing of financial information)
English text production II
Intermediate/Advanced Word Processing (Word)

Term 3

Technical French II
Data processing and presentation (Excel)
Create multimedia presentations (PowerPoint)
English text production III

Term 4

Technical French III
Office work procedures
Administrative management system
Creation and operation of a database (Access)

Term 5

Create and manage web pages
Integration into the workplace
Office Suite Integration

Term 6

Integration internship

After Graduation

The AEC program can lead the graduate to work in different places, such as:

Salaries vary depending on the company, the level of productivity and whether they are unionized or not. The program currently offers you excellent career prospects.

Five (5) certification exams Including Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook, and others.


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