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Parenting Course for Children 0-5 Years Old

Method of Instruction: Onsite or Online

Language: English or French

Course Duration: 60 Hours

Establishment: Cestar Collège, Campus LaSalle

Course Description

This parenting course is designed for parents of children aged 0-5 years old. The goal of this course is to provide parents with the knowledge and skills they need to raise happy, healthy, and well-adjusted children during the crucial early years. The course will cover a wide range of  topics, including child development, communication, discipline, and emotional regulation.

This course will include, interactive activities, and discussions. Parents will be encouraged to  reflect on their own experiences and share their thoughts and insights with others in the class.  Parents will also ask questions and receive support from the instructor and other parents in the  course.

This course is designed to be practical and engaging, with a focus on helping parents develop the  knowledge and skills they need to raise happy and healthy children. By the end of this course, parents will have a better understanding of child development, effective communication, and  discipline strategies, and how to nurture healthy emotional and social development in their  children.

The objective of this course is to equip parents with the following:

  • Understanding of child development during the first five years of life
  • Knowledge of positive parenting techniques and effective discipline strategies
  • Skills for nurturing healthy emotional and social development in children.
  • Tools for communicating effectively with young children.

Includes a Child Development Certificate upon completion of the course.


Course Schedule and Duration

The following sections are available for registrations:

Section A – Wednesdays and Thursdays - 3pm to 9pm
Term: Fall 2024
Duration: 60 hours
Delivery method: On-Line or in Person

Section B – Wednesdays and Thursdays - 3pm to 9pm
Term: Fall 2024
Duration: 60 hours
Delivery method: On-Line or in Person

Section C – Wednesdays and Thursdays - 3pm to 9pm
Term: Fall 2024
Duration: 60 hours
Delivery method: On-Line or in Person

Method of Learning

Hybrid Learning - A combination of online and onsite training tailored according to your needs to help you get the education you need at your own convenience

Course Outline

Unit 1: Child Development 12 hours

  • Understanding child development stages
  • Physical, cognitive, and emotional development
  • Understanding individual differences in children's development
  • Impact of environment and experience on child development

Unit 2: Communication 12 hours

  • Understanding children's language development
  • Building effective communication skills
  • Encouraging language development through play and interaction
  • Responding to children's emotions and behavior through effective communication Unit 3: Discipline 12 hour
  • Understanding the importance of positive discipline
  • Setting limits and boundaries in a positive way
  • Developing appropriate and effective discipline strategies
  • Understanding the effects of punishment vs. positive reinforcement

Unit 4: Emotional Regulation 12 hours

  • Understanding children's emotional development
  • Helping children regulate their emotions through play and activities.
  • Nurturing empathy and emotional intelligence in children
  • Encouraging healthy emotional expression and coping skills

Unit 5: Special Topics12 hours

  • Understanding and addressing common challenges in parenting
  • Encouraging healthy sleep habits
  • Building strong and positive relationships with children
  • Developing healthy routines and schedules


Aurora Plasa

Aurora is a compassionate, creative, and effective Teacher with valuable experience in classroom administration, professional development, and project planning. She is well equipped with an extensive background in versatile education environments in Montessori, Highscope, Regio Emilia approaches. She is a student-centric instructor, academic facilitator, and motivational coach, competent at performing independently or as member of teaching team and is well-versed in classroom and online technologies.



Includes a Child Development Certificate upon completion of the course.

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