Registration is now open for November 2023, January 2024 and March 2024.  Consult our programs authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education. We also offer institutional certificate courses.

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Located at the heart of Montréal, 'Cestar Collège - Syn Studio' is an art school specializing in teaching concept art and illustration for the entertainment industry.

Since 2007, we've been helping amateur and professional artists take their art to the next level through our 10-week drawing, painting, concept art and illustration classes as well as our Full Time Programs.

Our industry focused Full Time Programs (including an AEC Concept Art program (693630) in English) in are designed to help students strengthen their concept art skills and achieve artistic mastery. We believe that a strong foundation in art fundamentals is essential for artists to succeed in concept art and illustration. We offer a variety of drawing, painting, and concept art classes online for students of all levels.

Classes are conveniently scheduled throughout the week, including on evenings and weekends for those on the East coast of the Americas. If you miss an online class, no worries, you will still have access to a high quality video recording and will get personalized feedback from your instructor.


Programmes authorised by the Ministry of Higher Education

Online Concept Art Program

Online Concept Art Program

Build a high quality portfolio online in 12 months!

Online Art Classes

Online Art Classes

Affordable High Quality Art Classes with Top Industry Artists

AEC Concept Art program (693630) in English


Learn Cutting Edge Techniques and Become Industry Ready in 18 Months!


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